Is Your Best Life Worth 10 Minutes a Day?

Are you ready for a transformation?

Have you ever considered that living your best life is easier than you can imagine?

Would you like to raise your energy vibration?

Imagine 10 lessons for under 10 minutes a day.

You will get a healing & clearing of your energy simply by reading or listening to the material. You don’t even have to understand it, because we are accessing your subconscious levels.

Here’s what you get: 




What you'll cover:

Lesson 1:

*Your best life  

*Guidelines and ground rules

*The value of finger pointing

Lesson 2:

*The man in the mirror

*If they can do it I can do it

Lesson  3:

*Playing your way to success

*Release F.A.T. from your life

Lesson 4:

*Get moving

*Party gifts

Lesson 5:

*Creativity killer

*Irritation template

Lesson 6:

*Curiosity creates a way

*Lessons from a billionaire

Module 7:

*Dream BIG and share it

*Opinions are tricks

Module 8:

*Let go of bad eggs

*Negativity busters

Module 9:

*The buck stops here

*Delusion or reality

Module 10:

*The blessing journal


BONUS AUDIO: Gifts of Grace


You deserve to live your best life.  Every moment is an opportunity. Where you are now, is the beginning of where you are going.

I’ve written this course after decades of helping thousands of people around the world level up their circumstances. So many have asked me to make this accessible, that I said yes.

Will you say yes to living your best life and join me?

For a limited time I’m offering this course for just $150 ( $500 value).  

Hope to see you there.

Peace and blessings,

 Live Your Best Life!

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Lesson One: Helpful Hints for Claiming Your Best Life

    • Lesson One: Video

    • Lesson One: Video Notes

    • Lesson One: Bonus Audio

  • 2

    Lesson Two: Outsmart the Man or Woman in the Mirror

    • Lesson Two: Video

    • Lesson Two: Video Notes

    • Lesson Two: Bonus Audio

  • 3

    Lesson Three: The Value of Play

    • Lesson Three: Video

    • Lesson Three: Video Notes

    • Lesson Three: Bonus Audio

  • 4

    Lesson Four: Take Time to Get to Know Yourself…Then Get Moving

    • Lesson Four: Video

    • Lesson Four: Video Notes

    • Lesson Four: Bonus Audio

  • 5

    Lesson Five: Irritation Kills Creativity

    • Lesson Five: Video

    • Lesson Five: Video Notes

    • Lesson Five: Bonus Audio

  • 6

    Lesson Six: Curiosity Creates a Way

    • Lesson Six: Video

    • Lesson Six: Video Notes

    • Lesson Six: Bonus Audio

  • 7

    Lesson Seven: Dream Big

    • Lesson Seven: Video

    • Lesson Seven: Video Notes

    • Lesson Seven: Bonus Audio

  • 8

    Lesson 8: Negativity...Let Go of the Bad Eggs

    • Lesson Eight: Video

    • Lesson Eight: Video Notes

    • Lesson Eight: Bonus Audio

  • 9

    Lesson Nine: The Buck Stops Here

    • Lesson Nine: Video

    • Lesson Nine: Video Notes

    • Lesson Nine: Bonus Audio

  • 10

    Lesson Ten: Celebrate Yourself

    • Lesson Ten: Video

    • Lesson Ten: Video Notes

    • Lesson Ten: Bonus Audio

  • 11


    • Audio: Gifts of Grace

About the instructor

Dr. Lin Morel

Dr. Lin Morel a pioneer in connecting the dots between our spiritual nature and everyday life. She is a best-selling author, speaker, facilitator, and clarity consultant. She works with thought leaders, world changers, and those committed to sharing their brilliance and vision with the world. Multiple traumas shaped Dr. Lin's life. Her search for wisdom and freedom from the past led her on a heroine's journey. Today she is a wisdom keeper whose expertise has helped thousands of people worldwide transform their past and current obstacles into opportunities to create a better than they can imagine future. Dr. Lin the author of the best-selling books, "Beyond Lovelyville: A Parable of Self-awareness" and "Rising Above Trauma and Soul Lifts: From Bumps to Brilliance." >>

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